Membership Contract


This contract, between the Internet address of TERAPİYA BİLİŞİM DANIŞMANLIK VE SAĞLIK HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. which is active in the Çeliktepe Mah. İsmet İnönü Caddesi Yıldırımlar İş Merkezi Blok No: 11/501 Kağıthane/İstanbul legal business center, is serving under the name of web

address (hereafter reffered to as SITE in other articles of the CONTRACT) and members

registered on the SITE (herafter reffered to as MEMBER in other articles of the

CONTRACT), has been issued under the name of the MEMBERSHİP CONTRACT

(hereafter reffered to as CONTRACT) which includes the following conditions.

MEMBERS, by registering to the SITE, accept, declare and undertake that they have read all

of this CONTRACT which is issued at the time of membership in electronic environment and

understand all of its content and approve all its provisions.


2.1 The subject of the CONTRACT is to determine the principles of the online therapy

services that the MEMBER will receive from the SITE and to determine the rights and

obligations of the parties within the framework of the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098,

the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 6502 and the Regulation on Distance


2.2 The transactions subject to the SITE with the acceptance of the CONTRACT are written,

voice or live therapy / consultancy services received by the MEMBER from the consultant.

Every transactions of the MEMBER out of the SITE or not approved by the SITE are out of

the scope of this CONTRACT.


The definitions of special concepts used in this CONTRACT and related to the attribute of

the CONTRACT are given below.

3.1 Member/Client: People who filled the registration form on the SITE, accepted an

committed that the information stated in the form is correct and over 18 years old, and if the

application is accepted by the SITE, will benefit from the SITE services.

SITE does not accept the application for membership people aged 0-13. People who are in

the ages between 13-18, can become members with parental approval.

In the cases that people aged between 13-18 form their membership requests, make an

appointment and start the meeting; SITE sens an approval form to the people who are

registered as parents. The meeting can start after confirmation of consultant, MEMBER and

parents. After the meeting started, in case of suspicion that the client is under the age of 13,

the consultant informs the SITE. In case of information is not made, all responsibility belongs

to the consultant. All responsibility regarding the people that MEMBER has reported as

parents belongs to the MEMBER. MEMBER and parent accept, declare and undertake that

the person added to the SITE as parent, is a real person.

3.2 Consultant/Expert: People who completed the registration form prepared for

consultants, accepted and undertaken that the information stated in the form is correct and

over 18 years old, documented their expertise with official documents (diploma, etc.), and if

the application is accepted by the SITE, the activity listed below and those who declared that

they wanted to provide the services.

Each consultant is also considered as member and is deemed to have accepted the

Membership Contract upon approval of this CONTRACT.

- To create a profile page defining itself on the SITE and to determine the hours available for


- Accepting the rules within the scope of the membership package,

- To create written or visual content on the subject of its expertise, to classify and publish

these contents,

- Responding to the questions of the clients by means of a written support tool in return of


-Providing voice, video and / or written, consultancy services to the clients with a live support

tool in return of price.

3.3 Center: In the SITE, the company which filled a registration form special for therapy

centers, accepts and undertakes that the information stated in the form is true and legally

qualified for a company, documented that it is a company with official documents (tax sign,

room registration etc.), in case of acceptence of application by SITE, declares the

consultants that the company is the empoyers, will provide the servings that are stated in the

SITE article 3.2.

3.4 Online Therapy/Online Consultancy: It is the provision of consultancy services to the

MEMBERS by means of the tools provided by the SITE as written, audio or video support

within the SITE rules.

Membership Contract

3.5 Technical Support: The system that helps MEMBERS, consultants and centers about the

technical subjects such as site usage etc. through applications like e-mail and live support in

the SITE.

3.6 Operator/Admin: People who carry out operational works and operations related to the

SITE and manage the SITE.

3.7 Online: It is the term that indicates that the consultant is on air/online on the SITE.

3.8 Offline: It is the term that indicates that the consultant is not on air/offline on the SITE.

3.9 It is the address of the SITE which belongs to Centrale Tekstil Gıda İnşaat

Turizm Temizlik Anonim Şirketi, representing the commercial business model in the online

therapy service platform structure.

3.10 Expertise Category: It is the system that categorizes the areas of expertise of


3.11 Member Control Panel: It is the panel where all membership transactions are displayed

after the acceptence of their membership, after SITE MEMBERS logged in with the

username and password provided to them.

3.12 Consultant/Expert/Center Control Panel: It is the panel where all

consultancy/expertise/center transactions are displayed after the SITE consultants and

centers are logged in with the username and password provided to them, after the

acceptence ot their membership.

3.13 Comment: It is the system that provides to the MEMBER to make evaluations about the

meeting, after the live meetings with the consultants.

3.14 Live Call Fee: It refers to the minute price of the call to be held in the form of a live call

with a consultant.

3.15 Written Support Fee: It refers to the fee per support request of the service to be

received from a consultant in written support format.

3.16 Online Hours: It is the chart that shows which day of the week, at what times a

consultant will be on the SITE by logging into the SITE in a structure suitable for live


3.17 Appointment: It is a system that allows MEMBERS to request services through a form

in case they request live calls, voice calls and written calls from offline or online consultants.

The MEMBER request is automatically transferred to the consultant and if the consultant

approves, a meeting is agreed between the parties. The consultant commits to meet with the

user at the agreed date and time. The appointment system is a structure whose operation is

controlled within the framework of SITE rules.

3.18 Profile: It is the data that MEMBERS, consultants or therapy centers fill in basic

information about themselves or their institutions and accept and confirm their accuracy

during the relevant registration form.

3.19 Invitation: It is the action of a MEMBER / center or consultant calling another person to

be a MEMBER to the SITE. All responsibilities of invitations made through the SITE are lies

with the inviter.

3.20 Record of Interviews: It is the billet that holds the information of a MEMBER, with which

consultants, on what date and for how long the MEMBER met, and shares this information

with the MEMBER.

3.21 Password: It is the text consisting of letters and/or numbers that the consultants / center

and MEMBER can determine at the registration stage and then change for security

purposes, depending on the user name, in order to benefit from the membership

opportunities by logging into the SITE.

3.22 Activation: It is the texts and/or text messages consisting of letters and/or numbers that

send by the SITE to the e-mail addresses and/or mobile phone numbers of

MEMBERS/consultants and centers with the purpose of check the validity of e-mail

addresses that are given during registration phase.

3.23 Training Videos: These are videos with unique content prepared by consultants /

experts and the SITE registered in the system of the SITE, or recorded as a single video set.

The copyrights of these contents belong to the SITE.

3.24 Seminar Videos: These are the original content broadcasted live by SITE and recorded

as a single video or video set. The copyrights of these contents belong to the SITE.

3.25 Tests: These are texts prepared by expert psychologists and published by the SITE.

The tests do not constitute a judgment on the psychological state of individuals.


4.1 Membership application is made when the SITE visitor fills in the MEMBER registration

form with real declarations and reads and accepts all the provisions of this CONTRACT.

4.2 SITE management examines the relevant application, and if it sees any missing or

suspicious situation in the statements, it reserves the right to reject the application without

notification, it contacts with MEMBER candidate.

4.3 To register as a MEMBER on the SITE;

4.3.1 No previous membership (each MEMBER can only have one membership),

4.3.2 Not to be temporarily or permanently removed from membership for any reason,

4.3.3 Not to be in contradiction with the provisions of this CONTRACT for any legal reason,

not having a situation that will prevent being a MEMBER,

4.3.4 MEMBER completing the registration form, accepting and undertaking that the

information stated on the form is correct,

4.3.5 Acceptence of the MEMBER’s application by the SITE,

4.3.6 In the selection of usernames by following the general moral rules, copyright,

trademark and commercial rights of the SITE should not be violated.

4.4 Even if the membership applications made for those who do not meet the conditions

specified in article 4.3 of this CONTRACT have been completed, they do not result in being

a member of the SITE.

4.5 MEMBER, whose application is accepted by the SITE, accepts, declares and undertakes

that the identity and other information provided during registration are complete and correct.

MEMBER accepts, declares and undertakes that in case of incomplete, incorrect and / or

deceptive information input during the application, the account created by the SITE is frozen,

closed and that it is fully responsible for the legal processes that may arise.

4.6 The MEMBER is obliged to protect the user name and password given to him/her after

the application is accepted. All rights regarding the user name assigned to the MEMBER

belong to the SITE. MEMBER is responsible for all kinds of damages that occur when the

transaction is made on the SITE as a result of passing the username and password

information to third parties and institutions. MEMBER is responsible for informing the SITE

without delay if it suspects that the username and password information has been obtained

by third parties and institutions. The SITE reserves the right to change the MEMBER

username and password information if it deems necessary.

4.7 Under no circumstances can the rights and membership granted to the MEMBER by the

SITE be transferred to third parties or institutions and cannot be allocated for its use. A

MEMBER can only have one account on the SITE. Duplicate accounts are closed without

notice and the MEMBER agrees that its first account may be closed due to this violation.

4.8 MEMBER, through Technical Support, can forward the request to close the account to

the SITE management. In the case of the request of closing the account, it is not possible to

request the refund of the rights in the MEMBER account or transfer to another MEMBER



5.1 The SITE reserves the right to change or delete any content and service without the

need for any notification.

5.2 The SITE acts within the framework of the Turkish Psychologists Association Code of

Ethics and American Consultative Ethics provisions of the online therapy service, which is

considered a "non-traditional psychotherapy environment". The centers and consultants also

accept, declare and undertake that they will serve within the framework of these provisions

by accepting the CONTRACT. In all cases that may arise from failure to comply with these

provisions, the responsibility belongs to the center and the consultant. In case of failure to

comply with the specified obligations, The SITE is not the party and responsible for any

negative situations that may arise between the MEMBER client and the center / consultant.

5.3 Online therapy service is not suitable for all kinds of problems. If the MEMBER / the

client has thoughts such as suicide or self-harm, the services on the SITE are not eligible for

MEMBER under any circumstances. If such a situation is detected, the center and the

consultant urgently encourages the MEMBER to contact the 112 Emergency Room or the

nearest healthcare facilities, and immediately inform the SITE about this.

5.4 The SITE does not accept responsibility for the sites other than its primary and

secondary domains, for additions to the SITE or for the links to or content on these sites.

5.5 The SITE may perform any kind of statistical study on the information provided by the

MEMBER during the registration process or afterwards, or on the data generated by the

transactions. All kinds of communication with the MEMBER and the consultant in the SITE

environment are under the pursuance and control of the SITE, except for video, audio and

written support interviews. The SITE accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not share

this information with third parties or institutions except for mandatory legal situations.

5.6 In a live therapy meeting held at the SITE, the relationship with the SITE disappears as

soon as the consultant and the MEMBER connect with the infrastructure offered by the

SITE. By its this feature, the SITE is an electronic market place established between the

center, the consultant and the MEMBER and where these people meet. For this reason, the

SITE cannot be accepted as an intermediary or arbitrator in any way in the purchase and

sale of services between parties. The center, MEMBER, consultant and SITE are legally

independent parties and there is no partnership, employee / employer, principal employer /

subcontractor relationship between them. As a result of the acceptance of this CONTRACT,

no partnership, worker / employer, principal employer / subcontractor relationship or the right

to market any property specifically for the center and the consultant are born.

5.7 The MEMBER accepts, declares and undertakes that the SITE cannot have any control

over the communication established between the MEMBER and the consultant. SITE

provides mediation service to MEMBER by providing a platform where they can get

consultancy service by contacting the consultant. SITE is not a guarantor in this regard even

if it tries to perform qualification control by requesting certain documents from consultants

providing consultancy services. The SITE acts with the documents and statements

submitted by the center and consultants to the SITE. The center is solely responsible for the

competence and expertise of the consultant. If the MEMBER is in any way in doubt when

communicating with a consultant, he/she must disconnect from the delay and notify the SITE

administration. The consultants and the center accept, declare and undertake that the

MEMBER is a party that can make a claim. For this reason, SITE is not responsible for any

damages that may occur and arise.

5.8 MEMBERS can only access sections of the SITE related to them and benefit from some

services free of charge. However, the SITE may have restricted or closed access to some


5.9 The copyright of every content shared on the SITE belongs to the SITE. The SITE

shares the contents with the users in return for a fee. For this reason, no center, MEMBER

and consultant can share, watch, reproduce, sell, rent or watch this content without

permission. The SITE content can never be viewed in public places and communities.

5.10 The SITE and consultants are not responsible for producing and publishing new

educational videos or seminar publications. The SITE may change the content of existing

videos, remove them, or keep them open to the use of some MEMBERS, delete a video and

/ or videos, and remove them from the broadcast for a period of time or indefinitely.

MEMBERS have purchased a video or video set does not grant ownership of the videos.

The videos and all contents are the property of the SITE and the copyright related to them is

the SITE. The SITE may deposit the fees of purchased and deleted videos back to the

account of MEMBERS.This situation is completely subject to the initiative of the SITE.

MEMBER does not have a right to demand in this direction.

5.11 The SITE does not assume responsibility for the internet speed and connection quality

of the center, the consultant and the MEMBER. Internet connection problems of the center,

consultant and MEMBER belong to them completely. Due to the monitoring of the SITE

content, the SITE is not responsible about the use of the internet.

5.12 In a live seminar / training and therapy broadcast via the SITE, when the MEMBER is

connected to the broadcast with the system offered by the SITE, it loses its entire connection

with the SITE. The SITE cannot, in any way, be accepted as an intermediary or arbitrator in

this service trade. MEMBERS, consultants and SITE are legally independent parties.

5.13 The Center, the consultant and the MEMBER accept, declare and undertake that they

are responsible for all kinds of responsibilities arising from the Law No. 6502 on Consumer

Protection, the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 and the Law of Advertising.

The Center accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not make any rights or claims

against the SITE, which is not a party to the service sales contract between the consultant

and the MEMBER and does not make a commitment and obligation statement at any stage

regarding the service.


Member expressly accepts and declares that the member has her/his consent that during

the registration to the SITE and actions after the registration on the SITE, processing

personal datas such as name,surname, e-mail address, order address/addresses, phone

number within the framework of principles set out in the Law on Protection of Personal Data,

sending to the 3. parties and abroad. The processing of personal data, transferring it to third

parties and abroad is based on the legal relationship established between the MEMBER and

the SITE. Personal data may be processed by the SITE and its affiliates within the scope of

this CONTRACT relationship and for business purposes such as marketing, analysis,

statistics by the SITE and its affiliates who have a contractual relationship, may be

transferred to third parties and abroad, or used by anonymization. In addition, MEMBER

expressly accepts and declares that the member has her/his consent that informations other

than personal datas, every actions (such as serving details) on the SITE (or similar mobile or

electronic media used) and similar data by the SITE, SITE affiliates and business partners,

anonymously used to save, process and list, and / or anonymize and analyze them, to

provide better service to third parties or to run various applications or programs on the SITE.


7.1 Being a MEMBER registered on the SITE is free of charge. However, there may be

pricing for live / written / voice therapy / support or other services on the SITE. Pricing for the

relevant service is clearly stated on the payment pages and / or help pages for that service.

7.2 Pricing for live therapy is determined by the counselors and as the session fee. In order

to start a meeting with a counselor, the MEMBER must pay enough for the session with a

credit / debit card via Iyzico. As soon as the therapy starts, pricing steps in. MEMBER can

purchase more than one live therapy hour on SITE. If the MEMBER wishes to continue the

conversation after an ending live therapy session, the meeting can continue by making an

appointment again. The SITE does not have any responsibility in case the consultant has

another session after the session or if the consultant has not opened an appointment at the

desired hours.

7.3 Log records related to all the live therapy interviews made by the MEMBER on the SITE

are displayed on the My Interviews page after logging in to the SITE with a username and


7.4 MEMBER accepts, declares and undertakes that it has authorized, which

provides the SITE and / or payment infrastructure while depositing money on the SITE.The

payments made are displayed on the card statement with the prefixes EPOS IYZICO / SITE.

The SITE reserves the right to intervene in the payment of the MEMBER, for any reason, if it

suspects the payment. In this process, the MEMBER account can be frozen or closed


7.5 For the payments to be made in foreign currency by credit card, payment is made in

exchange of Turkish Lira (TL) with the CBRT Sales Rate at the moment of payment.

However, the foreign currency rate of the bank that provides this card to the MEMBER may

differ and when converting the related payment to TL, differences may occur in the

MEMBER credit card statement. The MEMBER accepts, declares and undertakes that

these differences can occur through the bank.

7.6 MEMBER accepts, declares and undertakes that it has the right and authority to make

payments on the phone number used for this payment in payments made through the mobile

payment method. In payments made from a phone number that does not belong to the

MEMBER without the knowledge of the owner, the SITE receives this objection in writing in

case the objection of the number owner. The MEMBER applies to the competent authorities

to punish the action. In this process, the MEMBER account can be frozen or closed


7.7 According to the processes specified in the SITE advisor help pages, the progress

payments of the advisors are sent directly to the bank accounts with Iyzico.

7.8 SITE, center and consultants reserve the right to make changes to the service pricing

offered at the SITE at any time.

7.9 The MEMBER accepts, declares and undertakes that, on the grounds that the service it

receives is defective or inadequate, it will not request the reimbursement of the money

collected in return for the service provided or the re-abandonment of the service. MEMBER,

if there is a complaint about the consultant, informs the management of the site via the e-

mail address of

7.10 As the Online Consultancy service is an electronic and instant service, MEMBERS

cannot exercise their withdrawal rights in accordance with the relevant law. The MEMBER

cannot make a withdrawal request for money transferred to the virtual wallet.

7.11 In the event that the MEMBER requests live therapy with the appointment from the

consultant, if the consultant has accepted the appointment, if the MEMBER does not come

to the meeting at the appointment time, the processes on the SITE Help page are processed

and after the session fee, taxes, technical expenses and service fee are deducted, the

remaining part is paid to the consultant.

7.12 The MEMBER can request an appointment for a date in the future, using the

appointment system from consultants. In order to prevent abuse of the appointment system,

the total fee of the session is collected during the determination of the appointment date and

time. In cases of cancellation or postponement of future appointments, the procedures

specified in the Preliminary Information Form on the SITE will be applied.

7.13 After the consultant meeting with the MEMBER has been completed, the MEMBER has

been given 1 (one) hour to evaluate the meeting and if it is necessary forwards complaints. If

there is no complaint during this period, the MEMBER and the consultant meeting are

approved at the end of the period.


8.1 For the security of personal and corporate information to be given by the SITE, center,

MEMBER, consultant and visitors in the transactions (member registration, payment

transactions etc.) to be made within the SITE, and through a page accessible from the SITE

sub-navigation, in order to determine the responsibilities of the SITE on this information, is

obliged to announce its policy and security principles.

The SITE ensures that the personal data are processed and protected in accordance with

the law, by taking other administrative and technical measures envisaged in accordance with

the relevant legislation and to be reported by the KVK Board in order to ensure the security

of the personal data it processes. In this context, the SITE also deals with the technological

possibilities and application cost to prevent personal data from processing of personal data

lawfully, storage in safe environments, preventing unauthorized access risks and any other

illegal access, prevention of accidental data loss, deliberate damage to the data to prevent

its deletion. Namely, measures that can be taken; Auditing the personal data processing

activities of the SITE with the established technical systems, making periodic reports

regarding the technical measures taken, informing and training the employees who process

personal data before the SITE about the personal data protection law and the processing of

personal data in accordance with the law, the legal compliance determined on the basis of

the business unit To raise the awareness of the relevant business units in order to ensure

their requirements and to determine the rules of implementation, to arrange in-house policies

and trainings to ensure the control and sustainability of these issues, to the contracts and

documents that govern the legal relationship between the SITE and the employees, except

for the SITE instructions and exceptions brought by law, creating awareness of the records

and employees who have the obligation not to process, disclose and use the data, access

and authorization in accordance with the legal compliance requirements determined on the

basis of business unit Persons whose personal data are transferred in accordance with the

law, including the parties, from which they have received an external service due to technical

requirements for the construction and limitation of their access rights, installation and

operation of software and hardware including virus protection systems and firewalls. the

contracts concluded; The addition of provisions to ensure that the persons to whom personal

data is transferred will take the necessary security measures for the protection of personal

data and ensure that these measures are followed in their own organization can be counted

as the establishment of technical security systems for hiding areas using lawful backup

programs. If the personal data processed in accordance with Article 12 of the Personal Data

Protection Law are obtained by others in an illegal way, the SITE operates the system that

ensures that this situation is reported to the relevant personal data owner and the KVK

Board as soon as possible. If deemed necessary by the KVK Board, this may be announced

on the KVK Board website or by any other method.

8.2 The meetings made over the system provided by the SITE are not recorded in order to

protect privacy and informations are never shared with third parties. The counselor and the

MEMBER cannot record audio and video regarding the therapy session, which is undertaken

under any circumstances, whether it is the consent of the member or the consent of the

member. The MEMBER, the consultant and the center are responsible for all legal

consequences and damages that may arise from recording audio and video. The center, the

consultant and the MEMBER accept, declare and undertake that they will not request live /

audio / written therapy interviews later from the SITE.

8.3 The MEMBER, the consultant and the center accept, declare and undertake that their

information can be used for commercial purposes (advertising, promotion, and so on) when

registered with the SITE.

8.4 The MEMBER accepts, declares and undertakes that comments and problems that

he/she published about consultant or the content and information that he/she shares will be

shared with everyone. The comments made by the MEMBER in excess of the general moral

rules or by using harsh words will be deleted by the admin. Also the consultant and the

center can answer the MEMBER comment, the comments made by the counselor and the

center in a way that will exceed the general moral rules or by using harsh words will be

deleted by the admin. Both the MEMBER and the center and the consultant are responsible

for the legal and criminal liability that may arise from the comments shared as specified.

MEMBER and CONSULTANT cannot claim the ownership and other rights of any content

shared through the SITE. SITE is free to use the content and all rights of the content are

reserved within the SITE.


9.1 Force majeure is an exception or event that occurs outside the control of the parties,

which prevents any of the parties from fulfilling their obligations arising from this

CONTRACT, which cannot be based on the fault or negligence of the parties and cannot be

prevented despite all care and attention. Although the SITE will take necessary care by

using all means and resources in order to continue its service in a healthy manner, it can be

regarded as a force majeure in any conditions (infrastructure problems, failures in the

internet infrastructure, outside the SITE initiative, natural disasters, strikes, war,

communication problems, power outages, bad weather, etc.) are not responsible for data

loss and / or erroneous transactions caused by the member. Under these conditions of

compulsory reason, the SITE does not under any circumstances guarantee or undertake that

the services in the SITE will continue continuously, safely and / or without interruption,

including the inability of the SITE to operate indefinitely.

Faced with a force majeure situation, the party, without delay, informs the other party, by

means of a receipt or a registered return letter with an equivalent statement, stating the

event nature, possible duration and predictable effects.


10.1 In case the MEMBER acts against the provisions of the CONTRACT and in the cases

listed below, the SITE may terminate the contract unilaterally without the need for any notice

and deadline. Following the termination of the CONTRACT, the MEMBER SITE account is

closed. The MEMBER is obliged to cover the damages that may arise from the termination

of the CONTRACT and cannot claim any rights from the SITE for any reason.

10.1.1 MEMBER violation of the rules and provisions announced on the SITE and updated

when necessary,

10.1.2 MEMBER attempt to manipulate the SITE business model by any method,

10.1.3 MEMBER’S sharing its own username and password that provided for only the

MEMBER with third parties or institutions,

10.1.4 MEMBER sharing of any data related to the communication it establishes with SITE

management or the consultant and visitors with third party, institution or online - offline


10.1.5 Any actions and behaviors of the MEMBER to the SITE management, other

consultants and / or members, out of general moral rules,

10.1.6 MEMBER efforts to benefit from the SITE services for its own benefit, except for

transactions permitted by SITE rules,

10.1.7 MEMBER attempt to interfere with the SITE content and SITE databases using any

tool or method,

10.1.8 MEMBER attempt to get consultancy service outside the SITE business model by

directing its consultants to different communication channels outside the SITE,

10.1.9 MEMBER act or behavior against any copyright of the SITE.


11.1 The CONTRACT and provisions which are contrary to the mandatory provisions of the

Turkish Code of Obligations, morality, public order, personality rights or are impossible, are

absolutely null. The fact that some of the provisions contained in the CONTRACT is invalid,

does not affect the validity of others. However, if it is clearly understood that the CONTRACT

will not be made without these provisions, the entire CONTRACT will be absolutely null.

11.2 In this CONTRACT, in the agreements that impose debt on both sides, the death of the

consultant or the MEMBER, the withdrawal of the SITE from the commercial activity, the

cessation of its activity, etc. In such cases, if it is understood that the parties' pursuance

obligations cannot be fulfilled, performance has become impossible. The parties shall not

make any mutual requests in case of impossibility of pursuance.


MEMBER can request an appointment on the SITE and make an appointment from any

consultant on the day and time. If the MEMBER has made an appointment in this way and

does not want to participate in online therapy with the counselor at the agreed day and time,

he/she can leave the CONTRACT 24 hours before the therapy time or change the

appointment day and time. In the event of this withdrawal, a refund will be made to the

MEMBER, and if there are less than 24 hours to the therapy time, the MEMBER will not be

able to use the right of withdrawal and refund will not be made.


13.1 All components (visual, textual, computer software code, computer software, business

model etc.) used in the design and infrastructure of the SITE are protected under the Law

No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works. The SITE visitors, the center, the consultant and

the MEMBER cannot distribute, copy, duplicate, or derive the design and infrastructure

components of the SITE in any way without the written permission of the SITE. SITE visitors,

the center, the consultant and the MEMBER cannot use the components (visual, textual,

computer software code, computer software, etc.) of the SITE and / or third parties or

institutions in the information they provide to the SITE. Otherwise, they are obliged to cover

any damage that may occur.

13.2 In disputes arising out of this CONTRACT, the center, consultant and MEMBER, where

only the documents and records of the SITE will constitute valid evidence, are accepted in


13.3 The SITE may change this CONTRACT at any time it deems appropriate, provided that

it is announced in the SITE in advance, in its sole discretion and unilaterally. Changes in the

CONTRACT take effect on the date they are announced on the SITE. Provisions that have

not been changed remain valid. The CONTRACT cannot be changed with the unilateral

request and declaration of the MEMBER.

13.4 In case some part of the CONTRACT becomes void for any reason, the CONTRACT

remains valid except for the parts that remain void. However, if it is clearly understood that

the void items are one of the main elements of the CONTRACT or if the parties do not have

these provisions, the CONTRACT ends completely. The termination of the CONTRACT for

these reasons does not prevent the MEMBER obligations to be carried out as agreed.

MEMBER accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she will fulfill his / her responsibilities

under the terms of the CONTRACT even if the membership of the MEMBER has expired

and its membership has been suspended temporarily or permanently.

13.5 In cases where the CONTRACT interpretation is required, the practices of the SITE

are taken as basis. Individual practices in favor of the consultant, center and MEMBER do

not constitute a basis for interpretation.

13.6 The addresses of the parties specified in the CONTRACT are accepted as notification

addresses. MEMBER is obliged to notify the other party in writing within 2 (two) weeks

following the change of address. The SITE will publish the changed address information on

the homepage and will not make any other notification.

13.7 All fees, taxes, duties and expenses arising from the contract of this CONTRACT

belong to the MEMBER.

13.8 In disputes that may arise from the CONTRACT, T.C. Laws are valid and Istanbul

Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized.

13.9 This CONTRACT consists of 13 (thirteen) articles in total. The CONTRACT becomes

valid upon the acceptance of the MEMBER application. The CONTRACT has a validity

period of 1 (one) year and the existing CONTRACT will continue to be valid if the parties do

not have the will to terminate.