Kalender Sok. Karadolap Mah. No: 4 / b Eyüp / İstanbul, registered in the SITE with the website


ŞİRKETİ (PROVIDER) that is active at the legal business center. organizes the sale of services (Service)

provided by the SITE among the members (BUYER) to the BUYER by specialist psychologists (SELLER)

and other issues.


The subject of this Distance Sales Contract Preliminary Information Form is the sale of the online

psychological counseling service to be provided by the SELLER electronically from the BUYER

PROVIDER website, the non-traditional therapy Services, the content and the sale price of which

are specified in the contract.


Payments are made by credit / debit card, in cash, via Money Order / EFT via the Iyzico application.


The BUYER has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 (fourteen) days and 24 (twenty

four) hours before the appointment time for the Service offered on the SITE, without showing any

justification and without penalty. Since the BUYER requests the Service from the seller, the subject

of the contract is to provide the service. In contracts on service performance, the right of withdrawal

begins on the day the contract is established.

The SELLER is obliged to prove that the consumer is informed about the right of withdrawal. If the

BUYER is not properly informed about the right of withdrawal, he/she is not bound for 14 (fourteen)

days to exercise his/her right of withdrawal. In any case, this period expires one year after the

withdrawal period ends.

The notification containing the will of the BUYER to use the right of withdrawal should be directed to

the SELLER in writing, before the right of withdrawal expires. In the event that BUYERS are given the

right to withdraw from the SITE, the SELLER will immediately convey the confirmation information to

the BUYER that the withdrawal requests from the BUYER have been received.

Before the right of withdrawal expires, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in the Services

that have started with the consent of the BUYER and in the Services that are performed instantly in

the electronic environment.

The BUYER can request an appointment on the SITE and make an appointment from any consultant

on the day and time he/she wants. If the BUYER has made an appointment in this way and does not

want to participate in online therapy with the counselor at the agreed day and time, he/she can

cancel the contract until 24 hours before the therapy time or change the appointment day and time.

In case of withdrawal, the refund will be made to the BUYER, and in cases where there are less than

24 hours to the therapy time, the BUYER will not be able to use his/her right of withdrawal and no

refund will be made to him/her.


This Preliminary Information Form is a whole with all kinds of information / advertisement /

explanation offered by the SELLER for its Services on the SITE and is an integral part of the Distance

Sales Agreement between the BUYER and the SELLER. The BUYER agrees that due to the information

regarding the Service in the Distant Sales Agreement to be concluded with the SELLER, the Company

must direct all requests to the SELLER under the consumer legislation.

The BUYER and the SELLER, within the scope of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer and the

Regulation on Electronic Trade, control the content provided by the SELLER and the BUYER, by

checking that the SITE has the title of the Intermediary Service Provider, which mediates the

establishment of a distance contract, they acknowledge, declare and undertake that they are not

responsible and liable for investigating whether an activity or situation is concerned.

The parties accept, declare and undertake that all responsibility arising from the provision of the

Service subject to the Preliminary Information Form and the Distance Sales Agreement belongs to

the SELLER. The BUYER agrees that the SITE is exclusively authorized to collect the fees for the

Services offered by the SELLER to the SELLER name and account. If this authorization is canceled by

the SELLER, the SITE has the right to terminate the Counseling Agreement or The Therapy Center

Agreement and cancel the SELLER membership of the SITE. The BUYER will have fulfilled his/her

obligation to pay by paying the Services to the SITE.

BUYER and SELLER, Membership Agreement, Counseling Agreement, Therapy Center Agreement and

SITE that they have approved in case of any damage due to disputes arising from this Preliminary

Information Form and Distance Selling Contract, including administrative and judicial decisions.

under other rules, they agree that the SITE has the right to recourse them to such damages.

In the event that the BUYER is damaged in any way related to the Service, the BUYER accepts,

declares and undertakes that the SELLER will be responsible for this situation and that SITE will not

be responsible for any.

The SELLER accepts, declares and undertakes that the payments to be made by the BUYER regarding

the sales to be made over the SITE will be collected by the SITE on its behalf.

In disputes arising from the Service subject to the Preliminary Information Form, the Consumer

Arbitration Committees in the BUYER residential area and the Consumer Courts in the BUYER

authority are authorized until the value announced by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

This Preliminary Information Form was read and accepted electronically by the BUYER.