The Site is obliged to announce provides privacy policy and privacy principles through a page that

can also be accessed from the site sub-navigation, for the security of personal and corporate

information that members, consultants and visitors will provide in transactions (member

registration, payment systems, etc.) and for determining the responsibilities of the Site on this


The site is a platform that brings together the client and the consultant. The Site cannot interfere or

participate in the meeting in any way, from the moment the consultant and the consultant contact

each other during the appointment. The site does not receive audio and video recordings of the

conversation between the client and the consultant.

If the site detects that the user is using the site in violation of this privacy policy or law, or if a

request for an investigation or review is received by the competent authorities, it has the right to

report the information about the user to the competent authorities. In a similar situation, the Site

also has the right to take other legal measures.

Getting personal information, providing products and services, making payments, contacting you for

marketing purposes about products and services, recommending products and services that may be

of interest to you, profiling, statistical studies, advertising, promotion, marketing and other

communication activities, increasing the quality of service and It allows the sharing of the site

activities with its business partners and all of its affiliates, which can be used for the purpose of

carrying out the activities of the site and only for the purpose of performing these studies. The

personal information of the users will not be used in any way other than the basis and scope

determined by this privacy policy. The site always reserves the right to share your personal

information with public authorities responsible for public safety, upon request.

In order to identify system related problems and to troubleshoot problems that may arise on the

application / website, the Site determines and uses the IP address of the users when necessary. IP

addresses can also be used to generally identify users and collect comprehensive demographic

information. When the user makes purchases through the Site and the application, he / she agrees

to provide his / her financial information to the necessary third parties (banks, credit card

companies, etc.). The information to be shared includes all necessary financial information, including

but not limited to, credit card number, expiration date, CCV. Your personal information is not shared

with third parties in any way other than the specified institutions (public, bank). The application /

website can link to other sites. The site does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and

contents of the sites accessed via the link. It has security measures to prevent loss, misuse or

modification of information under the site control.

The site transmits your entire credit card number to the payment instrument system we are working

on at the time of payment. Various protection measures are used in relation to the collection,

storage and disclosure of personally identifiable customer information. The site ensures that the

personal data is processed and protected in accordance with the law, by taking other administrative

and technical measures envisaged by the relevant legislation and reported by the KVK Board to

ensure the security of the personal data it processes. In this context, the Site, technological

possibilities and application for the processing of personal and non-personal data in accordance with

the law, storing in secure environments, preventing unauthorized access risks and any other illegal

access, preventing accidental data loss, deletion and deletion of data. It takes reasonable technical

and administrative measures, including the cost. Namely;

- Supervision of the personal data processing activities of the Site with the established technical


- Making periodic reports regarding the technical measures taken,

- Informing and training the employees who process personal data at the site about the Personal

Data Protection Law and the processing of personal data in accordance with the law,

- In order to ensure the legal compliance requirements determined on the basis of business unit,

raising awareness regarding the relevant business units, determining the rules of practice, organizing

internal policies and trainings to ensure the supervision and sustainability of these issues,

- Creating and raising awareness of the employees in the contracts and documents that govern the

legal relationship between the site and the employees, except for the instructions of the Site and the

exceptions brought by the law, not to process, disclose and use personal data,

- Making access and authorizations in accordance with legal compliance requirements determined

on the basis of business unit and limiting access rights accordingly,

- Installing and operating software and hardware including virus protection systems and firewalls,

- To the contracts concluded with the persons whose personal data are transferred in accordance

with the law, including the parties from which they receive services due to technical requirements

for the storage of personal data of the Site; Adding provisions that the persons to whom the

personal data is transferred will take the necessary security measures for the protection of personal

data and ensure that these measures are followed in their organizations,

- It is the establishment of technical security systems for hiding areas using lawful backup programs.

If the personal data processed in accordance with article 12 of the Personal Data Protection Law is

obtained by others in illegal ways, the system operates to ensure that this situation is reported to

the relevant personal data owner and the KVK Board as soon as possible. If deemed necessary by the

KVK Board, this may be announced on the KVK Board website or by any other method. The

application / website has secured your personal information with the latest software and techniques

offered by internet technology. All information on the site is protected by encrypting with SSL

(Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technique. Except for the Site, the user personal information can

only be accessed by the user and this information can only be updated by the user. At the request of

the user, personal information can be updated by the Site.

Information collected from the Site may be transferred to changes in the company structure

resulting from situations such as selling, merging or restructuring the company. The member / user

agrees that the comments and questions posted, or the content or other information he shared

otherwise will be visible to everyone. The Member may not claim the ownership of any content sent

through the Site. The site is free to use the content and all rights are reserved within the site.

The Site may change the provisions of this privacy policy at any time by posting it in the application /

website. The privacy policy provisions of the site take effect on the date of their publication. As soon

as the user accepts the contract, he/she is deemed to have accepted this privacy policy.


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Cookies are used to increase the traffic of the Site. Most of the cookies used are deleted from your

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collecting, distributing and using user information using these cookies. These cookies have been

developed and implemented by the Site with all kinds of control. According to these controls,

information and data that may harm viruses or computers are not available on cookies. However, we

are not responsible for the cookies offered by malicious software, such as viruses and / or Trojans,

which are present on your computer when you subscribe due to the software and unavoidable data

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