Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Online Therapy?

It is an online interview service with expert psychologists using digital communication channels. Individuals can video chat with the experts with video conference management, they can only make voice calls without using video or communicate by messaging. It does not replace traditional (face-to-face) therapy.


2. Can You Provide Information About The Effect and Safety of Online Therapy Service?

According to 7.4 of the Turkish Psychological Association Ethical Regulation, counselors should consider the principles and rules they follow in cases where they provide traditional therapy services during online therapy. It should examine the features of the service to be provided, service delivery methods and situations to be anticipated regarding confidentiality, and follow appropriate ethical principles and rules. For this reason, online therapy service is very effective in various fields just as face-to-face therapy. aims to provide you with quality and sustainable service by putting your security in the first place.


3. What are the Advantages of Online Therapy?

Online therapy is extremely effective in eliminating the social stigma associated with receiving therapy. It provides access to such services exclusively for those uncomfortable receiving therapy, without having to visit the center and share personal information. It creates an opportunity for the therapist to deliver their services to more people at much more affordable prices by eliminating the difficulty of scheduling and making appointments, which are more common in traditional therapy.


4. Who Is Online Therapy Suitable For?

Online therapy is suitable to assist you in all matters that negatively affect your happiness and prevent you from reaching your goals, such as stress, anxiety, relationships, parenting, depression, addictions, eating, sleep, trauma, anger, family conflicts. By getting to know yourself better, you can benefit from online coaching service to reveal your potential.

Online therapy is not suitable for you if you have an intention of harming yourself or others, have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness, or have been advised to be in psychiatric care, or are in an emergency / crisis.


5. What is

It is an online therapy platform that offers professional and affordable consultancy services anytime and anywhere with its expert therapists.


6. What are the advantages of

In addition to being the platform that provides the highest quality and useful online therapy service, it is the only site where you can instantly find answers to any questions you have in the field of psychology, with the mission that everyone believes in therapy and personal counseling service.



7. How can I update my membership profile?

After signing up, you can log in with your username and password and edit your information on the panel.


8. What Should I Do To Get Online Therapy?

After completing the form required to become a member of the platform, you can choose the most suitable specialist for you and get online support by making an appointment according to your preference.


9. Is Membership Paid?

Membership is completely free.


10. How can I make an appointment with the experts?

By choosing the subject you want to discuss and the communication channel you prefer, you can review the resumes of our expert therapists. After choosing the specialist you want, you can determine the date and time of the appointment and choose the payment method that best suits you. After your payment is approved, you can talk to our specialist. You can cancel your appointment up to 24 hours in advance.


11. Can I Change My Psychologist After Starting The Therapy Process?

Different psychologists have different approaches and different focal points. Finding the right person who can achieve the best results for you is important to us. If you find that your consultant is not suitable for you after starting the process, you may choose a different consultant.


12. Can I Get Therapy On Without Sharing My Personal Information?

You can communicate anonymously with our experts by choosing any pseudonym to identify you in the system.


13. Does Protect My Privacy?

Ensuring your security and protecting your privacy is a priority and important to us. Conversations you make through the system are not recorded to protect your privacy, and your personal information is never shared with third parties.


14. How Selects Its Experts?

We expect every consultant participating in the platform to prove their bachelor's degree, credentials, and training in their areas of expertise. The training information of our consultants will be visible on their profile pages so that our members can choose the most suitable consultant and receive completely secure service.


15. Which Communication Channels Can I Get Online Therapy?

People can talk to experts by video conferencing management, they can only make voice calls without using video or communicate by messaging.


16. Using Which Devices Online Can I Have Therapy?

You can get online therapy service on via computers, tablets and smart phones.


17. What are the Technical Features Required for Online Therapy?

If you prefer to receive therapy via video conferencing, the device you use must have equipment that can transmit images and sound to the other party. If you are going to receive therapy by phone call or messaging, your internet speed should be as follows:

For a video call:

           Minimum download / upload speed: 400 kbps

           Recommended download / upload speed: 500 kbps


18. Can I Invite My Friends To The Site?

Of course! With the code sent to you, a 20% discount is applied to you and your friends who are registered in one session.


19. I want to be involved in the platform as an expert. What should I do?

You should select the expert profile from the "Register" section and submit the information and documents requested from you completely. Our team will contact you in a short time regarding your membership.


20. How can I get my bill?

Therapy is the digital marketplace that serves as an intermediary between the specialist and the client. Since we do not buy or sell products or services directly, we cannot bill our experts or clients. The only source of income for Therapy is the share rate in the wages transferred to the experts.

You can request the invoice of your interview from the relevant expert. If the expert cannot create an invoice, you can edit an expense slip.


21. How Can I Find Answers When I Have Different Questions?

If you cannot find the answers you need here, you can send your questions to