Tıme Management

Tıme Management


   Most people have experienced this situation; you will go to work early in the morning, but your only clean shirt is not ironed. If you are already late for work, the time you spend ironing will be against you. With this example, we recommend TIME MANAGEMENT

     Time is the basic element that makes up the meaning of each moment from past to future. Time is an ongoing concept that can only be comprehended physically, psychologically, sociologically without the individual's hands. Despite this, human beings are very disloyalty towards time. Although we use the saying "Time is the medicine of everything" in our daily lives, we generally understand the importance of the existence of time only when we lose it. In fact, the concept of time is the most important part of our life, even though we do not realize it. Some of us live even by planning their minutes due to their experiences. Others, however, realize this only when time is lost due to work or other situations before they can plan. Now we will count some milestones to make good use of your time.




● What are your priorities?

   It is absolutely important for that day or another day, and the work to be done should be your priority. Of course, you know better than us that it will not be a priority to devote time to the new episode of your favorite series or to the private life of the musicians you are interested in.

● Determine in Advance.

you to be prepared in advance for any misfortunes that may arise

● Use Agenda / Notepad.

   Having a calendar is like keeping your time close at hand. Of course we are humans. And the situations we forget will naturally happen. Using notepad will prevent these situations. It doesn't have to be a tangible notebook. You can also use an online calendar or your phone's notebook.



● Don't delay

   If we want to do many things at the same time by using our time effectively, procrastination should be the last thing we do. As you postpone, you also waste your time. When you look back at the end, you do not realize that you are just finished a couple of things and do not want to be disappointed. Oh, I will do it later, stop, rest a bit (sleep by saying), though there are two more days, symptoms of an endless adjournment adventure. If you have such a nature, you may think of the negative consequences that you may encounter when you do not fulfill your responsibility first, you may think that how happy and successful you may feel when you finish your job. If you think you are tired and that is why you postpone your work, we recommend you to stop by taking breaks at appropriate times.


● Balance Between Work and Rest:

   Everyone knows that it is very normal for a working person to give him/her rest time after achieving his/her goals. This is a process. Your brain and body are not machines. So you cannot think with machine logic. Your body will want a rest period. If you don't give it what it wants, you may find yourself unable to work, not today but tomorrow. After that, thirty minutes without a break turns into a day. This may be one of the situations that we do not want to encounter very much.


Sleep well:

   Sleep is the main source of rest. For this reason, we recommend you that find your own sufficient rest period.




● Your Values:

   Whatever your values are, don’t push them into the background, make yourself sure you don’t lose yourself between your business. Regardless of what your values are , take time for them. This can be painting, taking pictures, spending time with your family or lover, and many more for you. When you devote to your values, it will mentally take you away from your work and the stress of what you have to do and it will increase the efficiency in your work.


● Take Care of Your Health:

  Another issue that we strongly recommend you take time is health. When you lose your health, it may be difficult for you to do your work. Do not neglect yourself, eat healthy. Stay healthy.

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